The different desks of Ria Cruz

Ria Cruz’s weekdays are pretty hectic, starting with a 1.5 hour commute from Long Island to midtown Manhattan. But she doesn’t let that affect her home desk, it’s the picture of serenity. She sent it to us a few weeks ago via Twitter and now we’re excited to share the story of Ria and her different deskies.

Though she hopes to one day end her 3 hour daily commute by moving to Manhattan, she spins her daily journey in a positive light. She’s happy to be able to tap into the energy of New York City while while there on weekdays and says, “Other people might think it’s just cliche, but it’s true–there’s something in the city that inspires and makes anyone who comes, try and be excellent at doing things.”

And that’s just what Ria has been trying to do since she moved to New York from the Philippines at the age of 17. Her immediate family was already in New York and her plan was to move there once she finished college in the Philippines. In late 2007, however, she changed her mind and “thought why miss an American education and an opportunity for a greater challenge?” So just a few months later she made the move.

Ria in New York

In the beginning, it was tough, she recounts. She had no friends and university was quite different in the U.S. Not to mention having to adjust to the chilly North American winter after growing up in the tropical climate of the Philippines! But being bilingual in English helped Ria and soon things started to improve. She combined her creativity, love for media, and an interest in business strategy to complete her degree in Marketing and a minor in Media Design.

Now she’s putting those skills to use as the marketing voice of a healthcare staffing firm in midtown Manhattan. Reporting directly to the company’s Vice President she handles all of the company’s marketing initiatives including text for marketing materials, managing trade show events, and taking charge of all of the company’s social media. It’s a big job that requires her to be constantly connected, but Ria says she loves the responsibility and the ability to directly contribute to decisions for the company.

One of Ria's photos from a trip to San Francisco.

One of Ria’s photos from a trip to San Francisco.

On weekends, however, she likes to disconnect. “It’s when I don’t do anything besides go out for leisure. I make sure not to run errands, or check e-mails. It’s my day to relax a little.” She spends it being a “local tourist” trying out new restaurants, festivals and discovering her local area. Ria also uses it as a chance to let her creative side run wild.

A passionate admirer of good photography, she also likes to snap her own photos. Though she’s never taken any photography classes, she’s always been interested in different ways of creative expression and years ago bought a DSLR camera and started shooting. She displays the results of her weekend adventures on her blog, Style Saturdays and narrates the story of what happened, also tapping into her love for writing.

Her favorite post so far is about a trip to Fette Sau in Brooklyn. “It was just a funny experience, running into a local spot without any expectations, only to be blown away by how good it was. That’s one thing I really like about blogging: surprising discoveries.”

Ria Cruz deskie

Ria’s at home deskie

What is your favorite object on your home desk? What do you usually work on there and how does it differ from your office desk?

My favorite would have to be my Macbook. It’s my machine! On this desk, I work on my blog, I look for creative inspiration, and just create things! I also practice my design skills on here, and it’s a place where I study. I like being organized and clean, and I like minimal design and a relaxed atmosphere. This is quite the opposite from my work deskie: since I have so many things going on at work, I have a PC with double screens, and plenty of paperwork!

How did you hear of and what made you sign up for it?

I am on Twitter all the time and I’ve seen other people’s linked pages on their Twitter bios. I immediately signed up to say more beyond Twitter bios’ limited characters.

What’s your favorite feature on the platform?

I like the great opportunity to showcase more than the words of a resume. It promotes individualism and personality. You’re not just your job, but you’re you: a blend of your profession and your general interests.

How are you using the platform on other digital mediums?

I use it on Twitter, and have linked it to job applications. I’ve used it in e-mails when I want to introduce myself.

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