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4 Reasons Why Your Face Should Be On Your Page

In many of our previous tips posts, we’ve talked about why you should have a picture of yourself as the Background Photo of your page. Now, with Intro app, there’s a brand new reason to have your face on your page. But first, here’s a brief refresher of the top 3 reasons we’ve cited in the past.

1) A picture on your page allows you to put your best foot forward and show the world who you are both personally and professionally.

2) People are more likely to click on your page if they see a picture of a person (as opposed to a landscape shot) while browsing

3) Your page looks its best and is more likely to be Featured or chosen for Staff Picks or Follow Friday (#FFaboutme).

With the release of our digital business card app, Intro, the fourth reason to add a Background Photo of yourself to your page is:

4) So people can put a face to a name.

What the email looks like when you send an Intro

What the email looks like when you send an Intro

The advantage of Intro is that immediately after meeting someone (or even later as a follow up) you send that person an email with a photo of yourself, your page, and contact information. When the person you met checks his email the next day and sees your face, he’ll not only remember you but you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd of people he met the day before.

So, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to add a picture of yourself to your page! If you don’t have a high resolution picture of yourself that you like, check out our tips for taking a great photo for your page.

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  1. I’m still trying to understand best use os, but I find it a valuable and enjoyable source. Some of the backgrounds are amazing imagery, but I agree that a face is always better. Good post.

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