A Storyteller’s Tips For Embracing Change and Using Technology For Good

Stephanie Carls tells powerful stories.

Stephanie’s stories teach others how to use technology as a tool to lead easier and more productive lives. By day, Stephanie works as a Customer Success Manager at Rivet and by night Stephanie creates videos for her YouTube channel My Savvy Life.

Recognizing that technology can be overwhelming, Stephanie is all about providing simple, easy-to-follow tech tips. We sat down with Stephanie to chat all things digital, her love of social media and how she finds balance in her life. 

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Why You Should Publish Your Page

Created a page you love? Share it.

By publishing your page across the web, it will help drive visits to your page and boost your Spotlight clicks.

  1. Add your page to every email you send with one of our simple and beautiful email signatures. Click here to add yours
  2. Wherever you have a bio, add your page, too. You can click here to add your page to your Twitter bio. For other social profiles, simply copy and paste your URL to the site.
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How to Choose Your Spotlight

Choose a Spotlight that points people to what matters most to you. When picking your Spotlight ask yourself: What’s my goal, today?

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Why Go Pro?

Going Pro makes your page look more professional by letting you use a custom .me domain, such as, or your own domain, like Pro accounts will be white labeled, removing the navigation bar for visitors, giving your page a one-of-a-kind feel. As a Pro user, you’ll also be provided with priority support.

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Tips For Writing Your Best Bio

A great bio is unique, adds value, and makes it easy for visitors to relate to you. Here are our three tips for writing an awesome bio.

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3 Must Take Classes for Aspiring Entrepreneurs – With 25% Off

The path of entrepreneurship isn’t about perfection, it’s about taking action.

Whether you’re a developer, marketer or restaurant owner, chances are there is one (or more) areas you could use some improvement in.

Enter CreativeLive. CreativeLive empowers people to unleash their potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to them, live. With CreativeLive you can learn more about everything from how to price your craft, launch an online business to the tricks and benefits of social media.

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The Most Creative Woman In Business On How She Stays Inspired

Tina Wells is wired for success.

As a self-proclaimed professional problem solver, Tina is an expert on youth marketing and serves as the founder + CEO of Buzz Marketing Group. When Tina’s not helping her clients succeed, she’s writing a best-selling teen fiction series and overseeing the tween site

Tina is a proud Philadelphia-native who’s quick to share tips on where to find breathtaking views and delicious food. Read on to learn what it takes to be named one of Fast Company’s most creative people; specifically how Tina stays inspired, the mantra by which she lives her live and why she loves marketing to (fearless!) young people.

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