Entrepreneurs, Students & Musicians: Staff Picks

Our Staff Picks page is constantly full of people with gorgeous pages, stories, and careers and every week we highlight our top four favorites. We hope you enjoy browsing their pages and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

We love Daniel Gruneberg’s photo, up in our header, which allows his infectious energy to simply leap from his page. And it’s no wonder, he’s the co-founder of ZOZI a company which helps people to lead an active lifestyle!

Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown, a senior at Ithaca College, will soon be seeing the benefits of having a minor as she uses her awesomely positive attitude and new skills to take on the world after graduation.

Rodrigo Viterbo

Rodrigo Viterbo, whose background photo appears in our header, is a digeridoo musician, maker and teacher from Portugal. He, his wife and son love to travel and at any given time you can find them speaking Portuguese, Lithuanian and English between the three of them!

jana maire

As an entrepreneur Jana Maire has a lot on her plate but she’s also a mother, formatting guru, surfer, and science fiction lover.

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