The Double Monitor Deskie: Our Favorites

You may have noticed that we’ve been blogging and tweeting about Deskies for some time now. We’ve been asking people in our community to submit their deskies and thus show off a bit of their personality. After all, the place you work from will inevitably reveal something about you.

From the super tidy deskie to the colorful and crowded one, we’ve had a great time seeing these desks and learning more about the people behind them. Today, however, we’d like to pay homage to all of the wonderful double monitors we’ve been seeing lately (minus our header which comes from none other than one of our developers, Nathan Fitzsimmons) We hope this post inspires you to share your deskie with us via Twitter too! And who knows, you might be featured on our blog in our next round of favorites!

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Elaine Wong with Favorite painting on

The Artistic Journey of Elaine Wong

Born in Alor Setar, a small town in northern Malaysia, Elaine Wong grew up with a passion for technology and drawing. “If you were to ask my primary school friends, they would all tell you that my schoolbooks were always full of doodles and sketches.”

Her artworks were featured on classroom bulletin boards and she was once asked to design the school mural. But it was her childhood ambition to work with computers that led to her finding a job in the IT industry and soon she found herself in hospitality systems, going to hotels or hotel headquarters to assess and implement computer systems as well as provide training and support for them.

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The Life of a Singer and Music Blogger: Ilaria Mangiardi

First came the makeup artists and hair stylists, then the sparkly costumes, and finally, the cue to step onto the stage. Standing in front of thousands of people, her nerves a mess, Ilaria Mangiardi did what she loves most, she sang. Her nervousness melted away and by the time the song was over, she could have stayed on the Eurovision stage for hours.

Though she wasn’t the main performer at the Swiss finals of the Eurovision song contest (she sang backup vocals for Scilla) the opportunity was still one of the highlights of Ilaria’s life as a singer and music lover and she remembers the experience fondly. “I don’t care if it’s 10 or 10,000 people, I just sing and I feel good,” she says.

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The different desks of Ria Cruz

Ria Cruz’s weekdays are pretty hectic, starting with a 1.5 hour commute from Long Island to midtown Manhattan. But she doesn’t let that affect her home desk, it’s the picture of serenity. She sent it to us a few weeks ago via Twitter and now we’re excited to share the story of Ria and her different deskies.

Though she hopes to one day end her 3 hour daily commute by moving to Manhattan, she spins her daily journey in a positive light. She’s happy to be able to tap into the energy of New York City while while there on weekdays and says, “Other people might think it’s just cliche, but it’s true–there’s something in the city that inspires and makes anyone who comes, try and be excellent at doing things.”

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In the Studio with Video Game Music Artist Idan Egozy

Last Friday you may have seen some of our favorite deskies and today we’re excited to continue our Deskie series with Idan Egozy.

“Do what you love and the money will follow” is a quote job seekers and college students often hear. But it’s not always the case you get to do what you love. You could say Idan is one of the lucky ones.

With a perpetual love for video games and music, as young adult he also developed a deeper love for music and decided to study it in college. When he graduated from university with a degree in music production he figured it just made sense to combine these two loves and become a Video Game Music Artist.

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Our Favorite Deskies and the Awesome People Behind them

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been blogging and tweeting about Deskies lately, asking our community to submit theirs and show off a little piece of their personality. We have not been disappointed.

We’ve received deskies from professionals and students, in all different fields, from all over the world. From the super tidy deskie to the colorful and crowded one, we’ve had a great time seeing these desks and learning more about the people behind them. Today, we’re sharing our favorites with you and hope it inspires you to share your deskie with us via Twitter too. Who knows, you could be next to be featured on our blog!

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Under the Lens with Eprahhl

For a busy doctoral student, B. April Eom, better known online as Eprahhl, has a surprisingly neat desk. At least that’s what we thought when she sent us her Deskie via Twitter a few weeks ago. Curious to know more about her (and how she manages to keep her desk so clean!) we interviewed Eprahhl as part of our Deskie series.

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Beyond the Desk: On Set with Screenwriter Jen Govey

Not long ago we shared a Deskie and interview with advisor, Cory Levy. This week we’re excited to share an in-depth interview with British screenwriter, Jen Govey, who shared her Deskie with us on Twitter.  Don’t forget to send us yours!

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A trip to ONE: Cory Levy’s Deskie

Today, we’re talking to advisor and COO of ONE, Cory Levy. As the first in our Deskie series, we’ll be talking to him about everything he does, plus what his desk says about him and his personality. We were lucky enough to stop by his office in San Francisco, meet his team, snap a few photos of his #deskie, and interview him on who he is and what he thinks of

Want to participate? Send us a picture of your desk with the hashtag #deskie on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to get featured. 

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Introducing: The #Deskie

Most days, you’re with it more than your bed. It hears the good, the bad, and the ugly. You throw stuff at it, sit on it, sometimes you might even caress it. But for the most part, it’s just there.

It’s your desk, and all that comes with it.

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