Introducing: The #Deskie

Most days, you’re with it more than your bed. It hears the good, the bad, and the ugly. You throw stuff at it, sit on it, sometimes you might even caress it. But for the most part, it’s just there.

It’s your desk, and all that comes with it.

The things on our desks can tell a huge chunk of our story and we may not even know it. From the paperweight to a Lego Star Wars figure, everything you put on your desk is a little part of who you are. Just like Backstory, where you can tell your professional story, your desk speaks to what you do and think about from 9 to 5 and beyond. Your Backstory can tell people more about who you are and what you’ve done. Let your Backstory tell people about you, just like how your desk does the same.

Whether your desk is as impermanent as a coffee shop and your Moleskin, or you’ve got the corner office, your desk is a part of you and we want to see it. Snap a picture of your desk with the hashtag #deskie and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to be featured on our next blog series, “What’s On Your Desk?”

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  1. […] Ria Cruz’s weekdays are pretty hectic, starting with a 1.5 hour commute from Long Island to midtown Manhattan, but she doesn’t let that affect her home desk which is the picture of serenity. Sent to us a few weeks ago via Twitter we’re excited to share the story of Ria and her deskie. […]

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