Our Favorite Deskies and the Awesome People Behind them

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been blogging and tweeting about Deskies lately, asking our community to submit theirs and show off a little piece of their personality. We have not been disappointed.

We’ve received deskies from professionals and students, in all different fields, from all over the world. From the super tidy deskie to the colorful and crowded one, we’ve had a great time seeing these desks and learning more about the people behind them. Today, we’re sharing our favorites with you and hope it inspires you to share your deskie with us via Twitter too. Who knows, you could be next to be featured on our blog!

Giulia Spagni, whose deskie appears in our header photo, is a copywriter and brand specialist from Italy. In her spare time she likes writing poetry and short stories on her blog, linked from her page.

Guga Barbosa

Guga Barbosa is a Brazilian art director and father with a passion for illustration and film. He’d like to travel the world and one day he’ll learn to surf as he promised his son.

Stotler Claire deskie

Stotler, Clair. is a digital art and animation enthusiast, hence the program on her monitor. Be sure to check out her YouTube app to see her explorations of digital painting and illustration.

Marshall Hughes Deskie

Marshall Hughes, COO of Post-Haste FMS is, in addition to being a standing desk fan, a die-hard Star Wars fan. Not convinced by the photo? Have a look at his Backstory quote!

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