Lifecasting on

Do you love tracking all you do and sharing it with your friends? Are you part of the quantified self movement? If so, the following Apps are a perfect fit for your page!


Fitbit motivates you to stay active, live better, and reach your goals. Measure your steps taken, sleep patterns and more, and display your results on your page!

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Memolane pulls your social network history together to relive the most memorable moments online. Highlight your best moments with memolane on your page.

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Kred Story

Kred Story keeps it online by showing a visual history of your social media influence. See your updates with the most engagement and impact, and show them off on

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Do you track your online and real world activities? Which Apps would you recommend?

Use your page like a pro

If you are looking to use your page to get a job, a promotion or to just raise your status professionally, we have some recommended Apps to use.


The de facto professional network, LinkedIn is a standard way of showing off your work history. lets people connect directly with you there within the modal as well.


Smarterer lets you show off specific areas of expertise with badges. Head to to take tests that cover your stated areas of experience.


Get discovered on the speaking circuit with Speakerfile. Offer your expertise, topics you can speak to and example talks for visitors to see.

With bring social proof to your professional profile by getting endorsements from people you’ve worked with, and highlighting the best on your page!

Any other Apps you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments here!

Start cooking with Key Ingredient

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are so thrilled to be adding Key Ingredient to our App Center. Key Ingredient makes you want to cook at home. If you already cook it home, it will further develop your interest in the culinary arts – trust me (after all, I do have a TrustCloud score of 761).


Collect and share any recipe online, get recipes on your mobile devices, and take them all right into the kitchen. Browse millions of beautiful photos and recipe’s and search for any and all of your favorite dishes. Make a Profile and start “CookMarking” your way to your own personalized cookbook of awesomeness.

With this integration you can display the latest recipes in your collection. Show your friends what you’re cooking and what dishes are important to you right now. Sign up for Key Ingredient and download their free app in the iTunes store. Then, add Key Ingredient to your page to showcase your beautiful recipe collection today!

On the web, on the go, and in the kitchen –– Key Ingredient is your recipe collection, everywhere.

Apps for photographers on

If you are a photographer on, there are a few Apps key to showing off your talents. Read on to learn more about each.


Flickr has been on the internet photo scene the longest, hosting everyone from professional photogs to amateur enthusiasts.


No longer the new kid on the block, Instagram has seen staggering community growth and adoption by anyone with a mobile phone camera. And now on your modal links directly through to your new Instagram web profile.


Behance is a portfolio site, but well-used by photographers like Dravasp below. It’s the perfect place to include collections of images to show visitors to your page.

Are you a photographer? Have you added these three Apps to your page? Share your page here in the comments!

Video done right on

What Apps should you have if you love the audio and visual aspect of video? Take a look at our suggestions and let us know if you have any to add!

The standard. Connect YouTube to your page to display your favorites and your channel.

The up and comer. Vimeo allows for a beautiful experience, focused primarily on non-commercial works.

Get creative with your Vimeo videos!

The mobile one. Showyou focuses on mobile videos and a deep social product, allowing you to easily share your favorite videos across networks.

The chatterbox. Bistri is actually a video chat program, that allows you to easily talk with visitors to your page, letting you get live with your videos.

Are you a video superstar with all four on your page? Let us know!

The WordPress widget in the wild

It’s been fantastic to see everyone sharing their WordPress blogs with their widgets. We’ve been busy trying to track them all. Here are a few:

A whole lot more are shared at our Storify page.

We’ve seen more than 1700 downloads on in less than a week!

If you haven’t added it yet, head to to download for your self-hosted blog. Or, drag the widget from the Widgets page of your Appearance section. And keep sharing!

An API like no other

Have you ever wished that your page was portable so you could magically recreate it on another website or mobile app?  Would you love to create a beautiful directory of your favorite people or simply add depth to your existing profiles?  Look no further!  We have just the API for you.

Initially we developed the API as a way to programmatically expose the universe for our awesome iPhone application.

However, we soon realized that others could benefit from having access to pages. As a result we officially released the API to the world back in June. The API is made up of a collection of URLs that allow anyone the ability to use the framework and existing data sets to supplement their product.

What does this really mean? It means that with a minimal amount of programming it’s possible to access your page, your friends’ pages, our featured directories, get recommendations for pages of interest to you, find people nearby, and much more.

The API turns into a powerful free platform that provides developers a ready-made identity service. So instead of spending costly resources on developing their own identity service, companies can focus on the problem they are solving, and leave the rest to

With the API the possibilities are endless, so remember:

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