Speak up with Speakerfile

Speakerfile is an expert marketplace to list, discover, and book speaking engagements around the world. They are the latest company to create an app using the about.me SDK. And, they are offering about.me users a discount on a premium profile.

Speakerfile showcases thought leaders, authors, and speakers to event organizers, media, and potential customers. Within minutes, a Speakerfile profile can be created featuring rich-media such as photos, videos, book jackets, and slides. Speakerfile profiles are also search engine optimized and promoted to thousands of event organizers who are looking for talented speakers, as well as media looking for expert sources.

Looking to get on the speaking circuit? Already booking engagements? Sign up for Speakerfile and add their app to your about.me page to increase your exposure.

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  1. Exciting news for the public speaking profile. This will be so easy to book speaking engagements and to upload information. Great job Speakerfile and about.me to give me more exposure.

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