Featuring former Olympian Katherine Starr

With the 2012 London Olympics underway we reached out to past and current Olympians who use about.me to see how they were doing. You will see them featured on the Aol mail-sign in page during the games!  We caught up with two-time Olympian Katherine Starr.

Katherine competed in the ’84 & ’88 Olympic games for Great Britain. Before the Olympics Katherine was a FOURTEEN TIME ALL-AMERICAN (amazing!) at the University of Texas. In her professional career she has worked with Softbank/Mobius Venture Capitalist (original investor in Yahoo!), AOL Time Warner, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, and Honeywell, among others.

Currently Katherine spends her time working at a Non-Profit called Safe4Athletes, which she founded in 2011. Safe4Athletes mission is to advocate for every athlete to have a positive and safe environment free of sexual abuse, bullying and harassment.

(See full interview below)

Where are you from?
I’m a dual citizen – USA born to British parents. Lived in Wisconsin until 11 then to England

What year/sport did you participate in the Olympics? What country did you represent?
84 & 88 Swimming – Represented Great Britain.

How did you get on the Olympic team?
My event at the time was on the first day, 200 Free, I came in 2nd with an “A” time which made my time an automatic selection. I went on to make 3 other events.

What was your experience like at the Olympics?
My Olympic experience had its highs and lows. However, the take away from my Olympic experience is the lasting camaraderie of my fellow Olympic athletes from around the world that has lasted a lifetime. The bond between Olympians is not confined by the lines of a country, a political movement or a religious belief — you live in a world for two weeks without the worlds conflicts and a desire to be the best at what you do.

What do you do now?
I’m the Founder & President of a Non-Profit called Safe4Athletes. Our Mission is to advocate for every athlete to have a positive and safe environment free of sexual abuse, bullying and harassment.

What are your favorite websites/apps?
Favorite websites are NFL.com (Packer Fan). Flipboard is my favorite app, love access to news and follow several areas of current events. I’ve been a follower of the Drudgereport since mid 90’s.

How is your experience with about.me?
About.me is a great oversized business card that is a unique way to share who are and get know you. Its like having a coffee date before you decide if you want to go to dinner.