Rediscover memories with memolane on

If is who you are today, memolane tells the journey you took to get there. Memolane changes the way we view and engage with all our tweets, posts, check-ins and pictures. It’s a digital scrapbook that allows you to bring social media content from family and friends together, all in one place.

The real value is that with memolane you can make sense of all your social media postings by curating individual stories based on life events and fun adventures.

Memolane even allows you to “like” and comment on  stories. Add memolane to your page to show off your journey!

Display your Kred Story

The Kred Story app lets you show off your most influential social media activity as a visual stream on your page. Knowing who you influence most can help you target the information you share and track changes.

Your Kredentials are a one-click summary of your social media presence, including your most used words, hashtags and links, so people can instantly see what they have in common with you.

Unique to this app, Kred shows the people who have mentioned you lately on Twitter, ranked by Kred Influence, and allows you or anyone follow them within the app. See your full influence story and zoom in on meaningful moments.

Explore the posts, pictures and links that make you influential. Display your influence and add Kred Story today!

Bistri.Me anytime

Since we’ve opened up our API/SDK we’ve been getting all sorts of awesome services building on the platform. The newest app you can add on is bistri and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Bistri provides everyone with their own link, like an online phone number, so whenever anyone wants to call you they just click the link and you’re connected. Bistri connects to tons of social media and IM services, so all your contacts are instantly available. It’s completely frictionless video chat and I’ve enjoyed my experience with it.

The bistri app on is easy to add and easy to use. When adding the app you will be prompted for your username and voila! You’re page will be connected and ready to accept calls.

You can get on bistri by clicking here!

Get endorsed!

Today we’re pleased to announce yet another app added to our platform,

“ is the simplest and most powerful way to collect and share endorsements of yourself. Put your best foot forward online by giving the words of people who endorse you maximum reach and visibility across the web.”

It’s a fantastic display of recommendations from the people you’ve worked with. We believe this is a perfect addition to any page for a job seeker or professional. Head to to sign up and add it to your page!

Travel the world with Trippy

Trippy lets you “Map your travel dreams and create trip plans.” Create travel plans, post images and maps from trips and discover expert travelers and their recommendations.

With their integration on you can display all the places you’ve been with beautiful travel photos. And, link to your travel map so visitors can see where you’ve been.

Sign up for Trippy. Then, add it to your page to showcase your travel history!

Speak up with Speakerfile

Speakerfile is an expert marketplace to list, discover, and book speaking engagements around the world. They are the latest company to create an app using the SDK. And, they are offering users a discount on a premium profile.

Speakerfile showcases thought leaders, authors, and speakers to event organizers, media, and potential customers. Within minutes, a Speakerfile profile can be created featuring rich-media such as photos, videos, book jackets, and slides. Speakerfile profiles are also search engine optimized and promoted to thousands of event organizers who are looking for talented speakers, as well as media looking for expert sources.

Looking to get on the speaking circuit? Already booking engagements? Sign up for Speakerfile and add their app to your page to increase your exposure.

Showing off Showyou

Showyou is an awesome video sharing and viewing service. They are the latest to develop an app using the SDK.

Showyou delivers the best way to discover videos selected by your friends on Facebook and people you follow on Twitter in an immersive two-dimensional grid on the iPad or iPhone. Follow video feeds from other users and channels, including the Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit, Funny or Die, Bleacher Report, Pitchfork and more. Seamlessly share videos with your friends via your social networks or by email too.

Below you can see Showyou on my page showing the latest videos I’ve posted from Facebook and Twitter.

So, check out Showyou, watch some videos and add them to your page today!

(haven’t added services before?)

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