Showing off Showyou

Showyou is an awesome video sharing and viewing service. They are the latest to develop an app using the SDK.

Showyou delivers the best way to discover videos selected by your friends on Facebook and people you follow on Twitter in an immersive two-dimensional grid on the iPad or iPhone. Follow video feeds from other users and channels, including the Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit, Funny or Die, Bleacher Report, Pitchfork and more. Seamlessly share videos with your friends via your social networks or by email too.

Below you can see Showyou on my page showing the latest videos I’ve posted from Facebook and Twitter.

So, check out Showyou, watch some videos and add them to your page today!

(haven’t added services before?)

TrustCloud on is happy to welcome TrustCloud onto the list of services that you can add to your page.

TrustCloud empowers you to claim your trustworthy online data. TrustCloud verifies your email, SMS, physical address, and social networks, then looks at your virtuous behavior on sites like TripAdvisor and eBay to build your portable Trust profile.

Simply sign up at , then add the TrustCloud service to your page. Below is what Xin Chung’s TrustCloud looks like on his page.

Want to see your app added to our available Services? Check out our SDK.

Smarterer and Forkly on

One goal of our SDK is to scale services added to the platform. Along with Favorites, we’ve had two services added since the SDK has become available.

Smarterer provides a free way to let anyone, anywhere, prove any skill. Answer questions, get your score. Connect Smarterer with your page to show what you know.

Forkly is a beautiful way to discover and share dining tastes.  It’ll show you a new dish around the corner, the best burger in town, or your favorite cocktail in a new city. Download the mobile app, then add it to your page!

New service: Favorites

We’re excited to see requests coming in the developer portal to use the API and SDK.  The team has used both the SDK and API on the product. The latest service we’re offering uses both: Favorites!

We’ve received lots of requests to make Favorites a public page. You can now display your Favorites on your page.


If you already had Favorite pages, this Service will be added to your page. If you haven’t, start starring pages you love, people who inspire you, friends or colleagues. Then, head to your Services tab to add the Favorites service.

Once added, the Favorites service will display a random selection of your Favorite pages to visitors to give everyone some time in the spotlight.

The API and SDK

We’re excited to announce that we launched our public API and SDK last Monday at TechCrunch Disrupt, in partnership with, Smarterer, Forkly, Kred and Showyou.

We built out the API to make our users’ pages (and identity) portable. For the services using it, users would be able to easily create beautiful rich profiles.

With the SDK, we allow partners to embed their services onto users’ pages, next to current services like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

For example, if you go to Tony Conrad’s page and click the Instagram icon, it displays Tony’s recent Instagram photos. For our partners, Smarterer’s integration will display badges and test scores you’ve earned there. Showyou’s will display the videos they’ve loved and shared. Forkly’s shows the items they tasted, loved or reviewed. And Kred will display their influence data. Look for these services to be added in the coming weeks!

One of our core goals is to help our users create pages that they love, and that represents them. Allowing services to be added ensures we’re providing the true reflection of who someone is online.

If you are a developer and would like access to our API or SDK, please visit our FAQ article.

An updated directory

We recently updated Spotlight, Featured and Inspirational profiles in our directory. Take a look to get ideas for your own profile or find pages to fave!

If you’d like to be considered for the next update, add your profile to the comments.

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