An API like no other

Have you ever wished that your page was portable so you could magically recreate it on another website or mobile app?  Would you love to create a beautiful directory of your favorite people or simply add depth to your existing profiles?  Look no further!  We have just the API for you.

Initially we developed the API as a way to programmatically expose the universe for our awesome iPhone application.

However, we soon realized that others could benefit from having access to pages. As a result we officially released the API to the world back in June. The API is made up of a collection of URLs that allow anyone the ability to use the framework and existing data sets to supplement their product.

What does this really mean? It means that with a minimal amount of programming it’s possible to access your page, your friends’ pages, our featured directories, get recommendations for pages of interest to you, find people nearby, and much more.

The API turns into a powerful free platform that provides developers a ready-made identity service. So instead of spending costly resources on developing their own identity service, companies can focus on the problem they are solving, and leave the rest to

With the API the possibilities are endless, so remember: