The WordPress widget in the wild

It’s been fantastic to see everyone sharing their WordPress blogs with their widgets. We’ve been busy trying to track them all. Here are a few:

A whole lot more are shared at our Storify page.

We’ve seen more than 1700 downloads on in less than a week!

If you haven’t added it yet, head to to download for your self-hosted blog. Or, drag the widget from the Widgets page of your Appearance section. And keep sharing!

10 responses to The WordPress widget in the wild

  1. love the @aboutdotme widget on my blog It’s an easy <5 click setup and now my quick bio and social icons are shining!

  2. Great idea that I would like to use if you can answer one question in the affirmative? Does your widget provide the very important “rel=author” tags that are so important for Google?

    I am planning on implementing a ‘bio box’ into my site that will do this, but I would rather use this widget to accomplish my goal, and be able to take advantage of all the other awesomeness it provides.

  3. lauraglu

    We currently use rel=me instead of author. I’ve let the team know your feedback however!

  4. I love the idea of this, but there are a few apps I’d like to include that aren’t available. I have to list them as links, so they don’t show up in the widget. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that more are added soon!

  5. Claude Beccai

    I have a wordpress site with a page for my blogs, can I download the widget on it or do I am to create a different page?

  6. lauraglu

    Hi Claude!
    You can place the widget in a sidebar or footer at any page. We explain in detail how to add it in our support docs.
    If you need more 1:1 help use the Contact Support button there.

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