How One Artist Connects People To Her Music

 In an age of characters and emoticons, human connection is now more important than ever.

Trisha O’Keefe, singer-songwriter based out of Albequerque, New Mexico, makes connections that count. With more than a decade of experience as a professional musician, Trisha understands the importance of connecting with people in the right way.

As an artist, Trisha believes that there’s more to your career than business deals. In the end it’s about the fans, the people that inspire you to keep creating. Trisha loves to knock down the fourth wall that exists between herself and her fans when she’s on stage.

How do you build lasting relationships?

I have found that a mixture of techniques is almost required in order to truly make those connections. When I go to a conference or a festival where I know there will be a networking opportunity, I prepare a press kit for the individual I plan to work with. I meet them face-to-face and hand-deliver the press kit. I will then follow up with them a few days later, maybe referencing a funny story or something familiar that happened during our meeting.

Where is your favorite place to play music?

My living room; it’s big yet cozy. I’ve been known to host an online concert or two from there.

What is your favorite song on your current playlist?

Anything by Led Zeppelin; I’ve been listening to a lot of classical rock lately.

Trisha Dog Walks

What do you do to unwind?

Hike with my dogs at my friend’s ranch.

What accomplishment are you most proud of thus far in your career?

Getting booked to perform solo acoustic on national TV for the show Soap Talk in 2007 because I got it all on my own – no managers, no publicists, no label. I really felt like I had arrived as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. It takes a lot of work, but you can make things happen for yourself if you are consistent and persistent!

How does help you make connections?

My makes it easy for me to be a promotional, connecting, networking boss. I take an hour a day that I carve out for networking. I plug in keywords of people I’m looking to connect with (for instance: “music supervisors,” “music licensing” or “music producers”) and there they all are, right in front of me to add, compliment and connect with. That hour is well spent! I can find people who would enjoy what I have to offer creatively and artistically.

Who is the last person you complimented on

Brandy Price. She’s a music industry teacher at Full Sail University. She inspires me – I love seeing more women being leaders in the field of music business!

Trisha Favorite Photo

Trisha has discovered that each person she meets has a unique social media presence. Trisha’s page connects people directly to her art through her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. These connections are now relationships that support her as a person, her art and her vision.

Guest contributor Suzanne Paulinski has over 10 years experience in the music industry working at Atlantic Records, WEA, and Astralwerks (a division of EMI). After earning a Masters in Psychology, Suzanne founded The Rock/Star Advocate to support musicians, managers and label executives in reaching out to and connecting with key people in the industry.

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