Why One Powerful Performer Embraces Vulnerability

Sonja McCord has accepted the fact that she will embarrass herself.

And that’s what makes her a great performer.

As a professional dancer and singer, Sonja recognizes that a strong performance doesn’t come easily. Sonja knows that she’ll make mistakes as she learns and she’s comfortable using vulnerability as an opportunity to build her confidence as a performer.

Learn why Sonja believes in laughing every day, who inspires her, and how she plans on achieving her goal of performing on Broadway .

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Masters of Film: Art, Movement and Sound

Curious what it’s like to live and breathe film? Look no further.

From music composition to video production, these three community members master their crafts. René, Katie and Muratcan blend creative genius with thoughtful storytelling and the results, as you’ll see on their pages, are truly captivating.

Learn what a day in their lives looks like and trace their journeys to success, including all of the road bumps along the way.

René G. Boscio is a film composer, singer and songwriter. Growing up listening to punk rock and playing the guitar, René decided to pursue classical composition in college. Learn about René’s transition to composing music for films, commercials and TV shows. Read more →

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How One Artist Connects People To Her Music

 In an age of characters and emoticons, human connection is now more important than ever.

Trisha O’Keefe, singer-songwriter based out of Albequerque, New Mexico, makes connections that count. With more than a decade of experience as a professional musician, Trisha understands the importance of connecting with people in the right way.

As an artist, Trisha believes that there’s more to your career than business deals. In the end it’s about the fans, the people that inspire you to keep creating. Trisha loves to knock down the fourth wall that exists between herself and her fans when she’s on stage.

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The Life of a Singer and Music Blogger: Ilaria Mangiardi

First came the makeup artists and hair stylists, then the sparkly costumes, and finally, the cue to step onto the stage. Standing in front of thousands of people, her nerves a mess, Ilaria Mangiardi did what she loves most, she sang. Her nervousness melted away and by the time the song was over, she could have stayed on the Eurovision stage for hours.

Though she wasn’t the main performer at the Swiss finals of the Eurovision song contest (she sang backup vocals for Scilla) the opportunity was still one of the highlights of Ilaria’s life as a singer and music lover and she remembers the experience fondly. “I don’t care if it’s 10 or 10,000 people, I just sing and I feel good,” she says.

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Finding Balance: Singer Tara Mackey

January is “The Month of Music” on our blog and we’ve been taking the opportunity to interview about.me users from all facets of the music industry including DJs Lissa Monet and E. Delfin and music blogger Jacklyn Krol.

Today, we’re excited to be featuring singer, Tara Mackey, who also happens to be a biologist, model, writer and actress. We interviewed her about how she manages to be all these things at once (and still maintain sanity!) and about her new book, Cured By Nature.

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