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Music in Movies: Film Composer René G. Boscio

Imagine a film without music. Can you? Often times it’s so much a part of a movie, that it can make a good movie into a great one. Suspending your emotions, moving them in different directions, building tension and sadness. Film and music are different art forms that fit together so perfectly, it’s impossible to think of one without the other.

As a film composer, singer and songwriter, René G. Boscio, certainly couldn’t. And today we’re pleased to introduce our feature on him as the first in our series of posts which go behind the scenes into the world of film and entertainment.

Born in Puerto Rico, René grew up in the northwest coastal town of Aguadilla. At a young age he became passionate about skateboarding and through that, began listening to punk rock music with bands like Blink-182 among his favorites. Wanting to be like Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, he convinced his parents to sign him up for drum lessons. After playing drums for two years, his father gifted him an electric guitar and René taught himself to play. He joined a number of bands throughout his teens, playing the part of musician, singer and songwriter and eventually decided to study musical composition in college.

Accustomed to commercial music, however, classical composition didn’t come easily.  As René describes it “every time I would attempt to write a classical piece, it would always sound like an instrumental pop song”. But with the help of a patient professor, he was finally able to compose “proper classical music”. Along the way, however, René discovered a love for orchestral music, especially film music. To him it seemed like the commercial classical music or the perfect balance between songwriting and composition. “It appealed to emotions and it sought to draw you in and make your heart beat, and that was the kind of music I wanted to write.” So he did. For the rest of his time in college René reached out to student filmmakers to write music for their films.

Since then he’s written music for films, commercials and television shows. His favorite work so far was on “El Extraordinario Sr. Júpiter” a Puerto Rican short film which has won several film festival awards and is still making the rounds on the film festival circuit. “I love it the most because it was a project I felt very passionate about. Because the short film was about a magician and fell into the Fantasy/Drama genre, I had the opportunity to write music that was both practical and magical at the same time.”

Then, about a year and a half ago, René received something of a big break. Still living and composing in Puerto Rico, in September 2013 he attended Blake Neely’s two day film scoring workshop at the music conservatory of Puerto Rico. Working hard to make an impression on Neely (composer for shows like The Mentalist and Arrow), they stayed in touch following the workshop and later in the month, Neely flew René out to Los Angeles for a one week internship that turned into a job.

These days René is loving his job, going to Warner Bros almost every week to record, sitting at his desk and seeing the caller ID suddenly read a famous person’s name, and of course, working with Neely. “What I love most about working for him is that he values and appreciates his peers and makes sure that you know it. He always makes sure you feel that you’re working with him, and not for him.” René also adds that through the experience of working with him he’s learned more about music composition and the film industry than he ever could have in college or through books. But René’s favorite part of his job is the opportunity to write music for a living. “That is something that I consider myself very blessed for,” he says.

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What is your workplace/deskie like and where do you work from?

I have two workplaces. My “work” workplace is the studio I work from with Blake. We all have our own rooms with the exact identical set up which I can’t go into too much detail describing, but it’s really peaceful, with a beautiful view. My other workplace is from home, where I compose all of my personal projects.

How did you hear of and what made you sign up for it?

I’ve been an user for too long to remember exactly how I got into it. But if my memory serves me right, I think my roommate at the time, who is a very talented entrepreneur, told me about it when we were discussing options on how to promote yourself. I signed up for it because it seemed like the most efficient and affordable option at the time. I saw it like an online business card with anything and everything you’d want to show someone on a single page, and it was a great way to connect with others.

What’s your favorite feature on the platform?

I think my favorite feature is the option of having a whole playlist from soundcloud show up on the page. That way people can scroll through it and I don’t have to hurt my brain trying to figure out which of my compositions would better represent my work.

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How are you using the platform on other digital mediums?

I always have my link attached to the signature of my business e-mail account. That way I give people options to [find] me online every time we exchange an e-mail.

Have you used to connect with others on the platform?

I’ve actually exchanged a few e-mails with other users, specially filmmakers. I remember a while back, when I had the time, I would spend hours searching for users who were doing film, and click on every link in their pages and then reach out to them, if I liked their work, for future collaborations.

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