Why One Powerful Performer Embraces Vulnerability

Sonja McCord has accepted the fact that she will embarrass herself.

And that’s what makes her a great performer.

As a professional dancer and singer, Sonja recognizes that a strong performance doesn’t come easily. Sonja knows that she’ll make mistakes as she learns and she’s comfortable using vulnerability as an opportunity to build her confidence as a performer.

Learn why Sonja believes in laughing every day, who inspires her, and how she plans on achieving her goal of performing on Broadway .


Tell us about yourself.

Optimistic, creative, and cheerful- I am a lover of all things beautiful, aspirational and authentic. Everything I do reflects those qualities.

I am a professional dancer and singer, lifestyle/beauty blogger, and Pointe Shoe Specialist for Capezio Ballet Makers.

What does a day in your life look like?

I awake at 6AM every morning to start my day. The mornings are reserved for my personal time to reflect on my goals, life, and future. I exercise, cook breakfast, and condition my body for dance, and voice for singing. Depending on the day, I attend auditions for Broadway shows, prepare and participate in photo-shoots or film videos for my blog, attend performance workshops, or book events for Capezio. By the weekend, I host a Pointe Shoe Event for Capezio by which I work with dancers across the United States, Canada, South America and Caribbean to artfully find the appropriate pointe shoes to meet their needs.

Because I live a creative lifestyle, my days are always changing and evolving as opportunities present themselves. One week I am traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico or Santiago, Chile to work with professional dancers, the next week I’m back in New York filming, blogging, or auditioning for Broadway shows.

Regardless of what the day presents, I always take out time in my day to speak with my friends, coach them with their goals, and just laugh. Most of my days are filled with laughter throughout the day. It keeps me happy, motivated, and inspired.

Can you describe a challenge and how you dealt with it.

I am actually living the great challenge of my performance career, which is returning to the dance and performance life, against the odds, after taking several years off. I’m striving to land a prominent role on Broadway in one of the top five currently running musical theater shows.

I’m managing it by maintaining a positive outlook and remaining faithful in my abilities. It takes quite a bit of acceptance–of the reality that things won’t be easy at first and that I will embarrass myself at times. Despite it all, I resolve to keep going and continue to re-develop my skills. Additionally, I maintain confidence in myself by understanding that no matter what happens, I’m on the right path and I will be rewarded for my hard work, consistency and dedication.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

My goal is to inspire millions of people to pursue their passions and dreams, no matter what age and no matter what is up against them. I also hope to encourage others to love themselves and not be afraid of their vulnerability and those things that make us human. Our humanity is our greatest gift and must use our gifts to be a blessing to others.

I hope to accomplish this by continuing to develop and expand my Starring Sonja blog and YouTube channel, starting my own professional dance company and continuing to share my talents.

Who inspires you?

I’ve always been inspired by Michael Jackson, in terms of his artistry, humanitarianism, and performances. He was ever-evolving and continuously found new ways to raise the bar. He was his only competition. By competing with himself, he excelled exponentially as an artist and performer.

As a performer, Michael understood the value and impact of simplicity, stillness, and forceful motion. His solo performances were dynamic, thrilling, and unique. Beyond performing, he always had a message to convey–a platform. He touched the lives of billions. He inspired the world to care about the earth and to love one another with pure agape love.

Why do you love about.me?

I love about.me because it gives people an opportunity to learn about what other people are accomplishing and striving for. It is also a marvelous means to share the great things I am personally doing and working on. I like that you can compliment others and add their pages to your collection. My experience has been great. I enjoy the discovery process.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with about.me. She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.

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  1. I think my favorite part about this is the first two sentences. As a fellow dancer, it was a great read. Cheering for her!

  2. Michael Jackson has been a source of great inspiration for many of us till yet! And will be forever. And yes there’s a great victory ahead of your fears! Cheers to you!

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