Masters of Film: Art, Movement and Sound

Curious what it’s like to live and breathe film? Look no further.

From music composition to video production, these three community members master their crafts. René, Katie and Muratcan blend creative genius with thoughtful storytelling and the results, as you’ll see on their pages, are truly captivating.

Learn what a day in their lives looks like and trace their journeys to success, including all of the road bumps along the way.

René G. Boscio is a film composer, singer and songwriter. Growing up listening to punk rock and playing the guitar, René decided to pursue classical composition in college. Learn about René’s transition to composing music for films, commercials and TV shows. Read more →

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How One Artist Connects People To Her Music

 In an age of characters and emoticons, human connection is now more important than ever.

Trisha O’Keefe, singer-songwriter based out of Albequerque, New Mexico, makes connections that count. With more than a decade of experience as a professional musician, Trisha understands the importance of connecting with people in the right way.

As an artist, Trisha believes that there’s more to your career than business deals. In the end it’s about the fans, the people that inspire you to keep creating. Trisha loves to knock down the fourth wall that exists between herself and her fans when she’s on stage.

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Bloggers, Songwriters and Entrepreneurs: Staff Picks

We at find our Staff Picks page to be an incredibly fun place to browse for new people and stories in our community. This week, we’ve gone through and chosen our top four favorites and present them here so you too can discover their pages. Be sure and have a look at each page here and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

Up in our header photo we have Monica G. a student from Vancouver now studying in Toronto. In her spare time she enjoys reading history books for fun and writing on her blog which you should have a look at in her WordPress app.

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