Bloggers, Songwriters and Entrepreneurs: Staff Picks

We at find our Staff Picks page to be an incredibly fun place to browse for new people and stories in our community. This week, we’ve gone through and chosen our top four favorites and present them here so you too can discover their pages. Be sure and have a look at each page here and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

Up in our header photo we have Monica G. a student from Vancouver now studying in Toronto. In her spare time she enjoys reading history books for fun and writing on her blog which you should have a look at in her WordPress app.

Nate Maingard

An indie-folk singer-songwriter, Nate Maingard is a hopeful romantic and unintended philosopher. Click on his embedded SoundCloud player to hear his music or on his Spotlight to fund his work.

Tammy CampTammy Camp is an entrepreneur and kiteboarder who started coding at the amazing age of just 6 years old! She’s a graduate of Singularity University and a definite technology enthusiast.
Adrian Sule

A designer and founder based in Toronto, Canada, Adrian Sule lives and breathes digital design. Have a look at his page to find out what he’s up to these day!

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