The Visionaries: Staff Picks

Add creativity to a vision for the future and the result is brilliant.

The staff picks this week use art to pursue their visions for the future. Although their visions are unique, this music director, production designer and videographer all share a passion for creating meaningful work.

Videographer, foodie and health geek Harry H. Yuan (pictured above) believes “In life there is no higher purpose then to serve.”  Harry serves through film and photography, providing us with “epic videos” that educate us and take us to distant places.

On his page, Harry links to his blog, Double H Production, that shares his adventures as a filmmaker and links directly to his new projects.


Concept and production designer Elena Tzara pursues projects that go “towards something meaningful and/or are creating something beautiful.” Elena has over four years of experience designing and producing plays, dance pieces, photo shoots and film productions.

In addition to her creative work, Elena has strong managerial skills and practices “persistence and a focused approach.” You can view her projects on her professional website Elena Tzara embedded in her page.


Czarina Kaye Francisco is a music educator, director and vocalist based in Los Angeles. As a Music Director for Riverside Children’s Theatre, Czarina is “praised for bringing out the ‘best voices’ in the students, and for her enthusiasm and patience when teaching.”

Czarina spreads her creativity through teaching. Watch her TedX speech on education embedded in her bio.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia.