The Best Mother’s Day Gift

To kick off Mother’s Day weekend, we’re featuring our favorite #aboutmemoms photos.

First we want to thank everyone who participated in our celebration. We are happy to give you a platform where you can showcase your mothers and show how much you appreciate them.  As featured member Harrison says, “This is the perfect early Mother’s Day gift.”

Sally James updated her page to our header picture with her mother. We immediately loved her black and white photo that seems to capture an entire era. A science journalist based in Seattle, Sally’s interests include social media, medical research and narrative writing.


University of Michigan graduate Harrison Forman is a New Jersey native living in San Francisco. Harrison works in business development at NewCo where he enjoys creating partnerships and connecting with incredible leaders and innovators. Outside of work, Harrison enjoys cooking, travel, soccer, and watching the Philadelphia Eagles.

BrianWalchOur final community member, Brian Walch, shares a photo with his wife and kids. Brian has a background in software development and is interested in public health and technology. Dad, husband, wine connoisseur and pilot, Brian balances work and play while living in Anchorage, Alaska.

We hope you all enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend and celebrate by taking some great photos!


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia.

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