How 3 Women Take Risks To Achieve Success

Would you accept a job offer in a country where you didn’t know the language? What about starting a non-profit while juggling college life? Or auditioning to be a TV show host with no on-air hosting experience?

Our featured women this week are not afraid to take risks.

Elizabeth J Taylor (pictured above) accepted a job offer in Germany after graduating from Vanderbilt University. By reading Calvin and Hobbs and surrounding herself with German friends and colleagues, Elizabeth learned to speak German fluently. Early in her career, Elizabeth and her German colleague founded Sollertis Strategy a company that consults and invests in high-growth startups. Continue reading Elizabeth’s story here.


Up next is Jessica Ekstrom, founder of Headbands of Hope. Jessica started Headbands of Hope during her time at North Caroline State. While working for Make-A-Wish Foundation, Jessica discovered that young girls prefer to wear headbands over wigs following chemotherapy. Jessica’s college teachers were her mentors and she leveraged the large market of fellow students to help her start her own non-profit from the ground up. Read more about Jessica here.

Kristy Best

Last but certainly not least is Australian actor, TV host, and filmmaker, Kristy Best. Kristy took risks early on in her career and started her own Talent School for kids when she was in college. In 2010, Kristy submitted a script for a film competition and won. Since then, Kristy has starred as the TV Host for “Sunday Best” on Australia’s ABC2 and produced and directed her own film, “Something Fishy.” Check out Kristy’s full story here.

These three women prove that early risks can lead to great success. They also reinforce the importance of hard work and making critical decisions at the right time.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia.

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  1. I think these women are all beautiful, role models for young women ( and men) everywhere. More power to your elbow ladies!

  2. Kristy is beaaaaaautiful! Her beauty is only surpassed by her talents. 🙂

  3. Wonderful stories! Thank you so much for inspiring us, ladies. And thank you makers for providing the space. Greetings from Switzerland 🙂

  4. Very cool! Glad to read that young women are daring to risk, hopefully in order to make the world a better place as the first two did for sure. Not enough info about the third woman from Australia to be sure.

  5. Risk taking is what life is all about if you are game to have a go then don’t waste valuable time get in there and do it all these stories can only bring success and rewarding outcomes.

  6. Stanley Alston

    I’m very pressed with these wonderful young ladies. You are the future of a secure world full with the abundance needed to inspire our youth. Please see my video and my thanks to the young ladies who own the dance school, allowe to use there talent. My way to say thanks.

    Stanley Alston

  7. Congratulations to three amazing women. I plan to start an incubator for women. I would welcome their input!


  8. bandoobandya

    Great work being done.Very smart and ambitious ladies.Hats Off.

  9. I love to hear such inspiring stories. Elizabeth Jessica and Kristy, that was a bold move you made there. Thank you for being brave, you inspired a heart.

  10. Suunil S Wagh

    All the three are not only extremely beautiful but also multi talented and god gifted Only the lucky one are really enjoying their company

    May i see them every day grow in and out in their success


    Suunil From INDIA

  11. I need to congratulate these three young ladies for their accomplishments as entrepreneurs. I feel that they realize you need to go after life because it is not going to go looking for you. Way to go Ladies.

  12. William L Grammer III

    Very impressive that each of them knew they could do it if given the chance and hard work. Refreshing to see positive articles instead of what you see everyday in the NY Times, and other newspapers.

    I wish each of them the very best in there endeavors and success in the future!

    William L Grammer III

  13. Saleh

    I am very impressed of these young ladies. They are hard working and they deserve what they have achieved. I wish all of them the best.

  14. Patrick

    These ladies are definitely remarkable!

  15. Sakaldeo Sinha

    very much impressive thanks Kristy

  16. A kind person messaged me via and mentioned a few of these comments.

    To each and every person, thank you for your encouraging and kind words; they built me up, fortifying me a bit further to handle the daily grind.
    As Jessica and Kristy can attest, its not easy work to strike out on one’s own. And, like these two ladies possess, it takes a certain amount of faith. But what’s beautiful and invaluable is when others, like you, take the time to voice their own faith in believing in our endeavours.
    Again, thank you.

    Special thank you to Anna Lizaur.

    Wishing you all the best,

  17. A kind person messaged me and suggested I check out the comment section on this article.

    Thank you, to each and everyone of you, for your encouraging and supportive words. As Im sure Jessica and Kristy can attest, it takes faith to step out on own’s own. But what is invaluable and meaningful is when others voice their own faith in our individual endeavours—pretty potent stuff.

    Again, thank you for your considerate words. They boosted me up—fortifying for the days when the daily grind becomes a bit tedious and tough:)

    Special thanks to Anna Lizaur.

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