Create Your Story With Medium

At, we look for new ways to help you create your story.

We believe your page should celebrate you as your story grows. By adding SoundCloud to your page you allow people to discover your music and by creating a Backstory you share your personal and professional aspirations. Now you can showcase your writing through Medium.

Medium is a free platform that allows you to write and publish your stories. With Medium, you create amongst others who can help you by editing your work and writing comments. By adding a link to your Medium profile on your page, you give viewers direct access to your published works.


You can easily embed your Medium profile onto your page. Log in to your profile and click Edit at the top right corner of the page. Next, select Embeds. Enter the URL for your Medium profile and click Add. Your page will now link directly to your Medium profile.


Non-profit entrepreneur David Huey has an active Medium profile that he’s embedded on his page. David’s Medium profile shares business advice such as the differences between his own experience and his wife’s in 2 Proven (But Different) Job Search Strategies.


Co-founder of Storyware and Red Sox fan Todd Wickersty links to his Medium profile on his page. In Learn by Example Todd teaches us the importance of celebrating the stories that go behind building companies.


Author Ian Rosales Casocot links his page to his Medium profile. His post Originality is a Bad Word discusses the repetition inherent in story-telling.

Like David, Ian and Todd, you can be a source of inspiration to others. Add your Medium profile to your page today to start telling and sharing your story.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia.