One Blogger On Holistic Living + Trusting Your Gut

How do you control your health and happiness? By trusting your gut, says Joy McCarthy.

After suffering through health issues and an unfulfilling career, Joy ventured on a healing journey that changed her life. Now, she’s a happy and healthy speaker, mother, author, nutritionist and so much more.

Joy is the founder of Joyus Health, where she shares her wealth of knowledge on holistic health and nutrition. Joy even creates awesome YouTube videos with tips on tricks, including everything from how to sweeten your food naturally, to how to avoid the afternoon crash at work. If you’re really looking to improve your health, Joy offers nutrition services so you can live well.

Check out our interview to learn more about this multi-talented mom and learn a little bit more about the world of holistic health.

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Describe yourself in 10 words.

Healthy. Joyous. Nutritionist. Mama. Blogger. Bestselling Cookbook Author (can that be counted as one? ;). Speaker. Traveller. Foodie. Teacher.

How did you first get involved in the nutrition world and why did you start Joyous health?

Over a decade ago I was in a completely different career, unfulfilled and suffering from my own health issues (despite being a health nut since I was a teen). Through my own healing journey, coupled with my intense passion for health and wellness, I completely transformed my life. I healed from hormonal imbalance and felt so incredibly inspired I went back to school to study nutrition and founded Joyous Health — a healthy lifestyle brand and resource for those looking to live healthier and happier lives!

What’s one common misconception of holistic health + nutrition?

That “holistic” is only snake oil and airy-fairy solutions. When in fact there are many resources, blogs and practitioners (including Joyous Health) that focus on facts rooted in science and evidenced-based nutrition.

One piece of advice for people looking to explore the benefits of holistic nutrition?

Listen to your gut and approach it with an open mind. As well, there are as many holistic nutrition blogs and practitioners as there are diets. The key is to find what really works for you and your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits all approach to holistic nutrition.  

How do you believe people can live a healthier lifestyle without dieting?

Diets don’t work period. They promote a lifestyle of restriction and deprivation. Additionally, they create a disconnect between us and the food we eat. We can eat healthfully without deprivation. How do we do this? The key is to focus on quality as opposed to quantity (calorie counting or macro counting). Eat whole foods, delicious foods, as close to nature as possible and you’ll never have to diet again.


Tell us about your experience using What do you love about your page?

It’s a chance to share with the world what I’m about. I also love reading and learning from others, and of course, connecting!

What do you point to in your Spotlight and why?

I point to my website because it can inspire and motivate people to live happier and healthier lives one bite and thought at a time.

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    Great read. Good health is our greatest gift.

  2. A healthy lifestyle works much better then fad weight loss diets that come and go between reruns of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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