Your New Favorite Instagrammer

What started as a hobby for Jeroen Landsheer, quickly turned into a passion.

When this Dutch college student first started his Instagram account in January 2014, his goal was simple: take and share photos of cityscapes and street photography. Nearly a year later, his stunning shots have gained him tons of recognition on the platform.

Interestingly, Jeroen’s love of photography didn’t start the traditional way. “I started with mobile photography,” he said. “And a few weeks later I bought a secondhand Nikon DSLR.”Jeroen Landsheer

While Jeroen mostly shares the images he captures on his phone, he has used his camera to learn tricks of trade from other photographers he meets along the way.

“One of the coolest things I’ve done is meet the people that I have looked up to since I started,” Jeroen said.  “I’ve also been able to just walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them their story and take a portrait. I would never have done that if I couldn’t share it with people.”

Currently boasting nearly 10,000 Instagram followers, Jeroen constantly looks for inspiration to develop his photography skills. He’s found that is a great place to meet and connect with fellow photographers.

“I just downloaded the Intro app for sending contact information,” he said.  “I use that for when people would like to get in contact with me.”Jeroen Landsheer

Jeroen also uses the Instagram app on his page to easily invite anyone who comes across his page to follow him and see his best shots.

For your viewing pleasure, Jeroen will be taking over our Instagram this week, sharing some of his favorite shots. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see them all!


Zoë Björnson is a College Outreach Coordinator with She is a graduate of Tulane University. You can find her on Twitter @kzoeb.

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  1. Instagram helped many enthusiastic photographers to share their work and creativity to the world. It worked for Jeroen that their work got recognition. Some people like me opened Instagram account and uploaded 2-3 photos and then stopped uploading them. Because i understand that i don’t have such skills to be a photographer. Congratulation from my side for your great work Jereon.

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