4 Amazing Internationals

Every week we select just four of our favorite Staff Picks for this post and this Saturday we’ve compiled a pretty international group! No strangers to living abroad, among them we have a cross cultural communications specialist and an international relations graduate journalist, just to name a few.

In our header photo we have Nicole Bjelica, a Texas based realtor who is bridging the gap between Budva, Montenegro and Houston one house at a time. She’s also an entrepreneur, former weekend warrior and proud mother.

Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson is the Senior VP of Creative Innovation at Bandwidth Group. A designer he also does a lot of public speaking so be sure to have a look at his Latest Posts stream on his page to see where he’s speaking next.

Gyöngyi Varga

Gyöngyi Varga grew up in Hungary but has always been interested in cross cultural communication because of her German roots. She’s now a freelance cross cultural consultant for businesses.

Daniel Giacopelli

Daniel Giacopelli is a journalist and producer who has interviewed thousands of leaders in business, tech, diplomacy, the arts and more. Check out his page for more stories of all amazing things he’s done!

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