4 More Ways to Use Backstory

A couple of weeks ago we hit a Backstory milestone with our 75,000th Backstory. Now, we’d like to highlight even more of the amazing people using Backstory on their pages. Whether or not you’ve added your Backstory, we hope these pages serve as inspiration for how you can use yours to tell your complete story.

In our header photo, we have Ilana Rooderkerk, an actress turned political scientist from the Netherlands. While her bio reveals much of her story, Ilana’s Backstory give her more space to go into depth about each of her current roles, (including some continuing studies!) and lays out her fascinating career path!

Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews is a speaker, writer, and success coach with a page that’s altogether awesome. In his Backstory he uses the “Links to My Work” section to link his professional websites and best-selling book.

Halle Sherwin

Halle Sherwin, who describes herself as a dog lover, is also a top producer for Kismet TV and it sounds like it’s been a wild ride. Our favorite part of her Backstory is the quote she has from The Little Prince.

Neal Steeno

Neal Steeno just returned from producing a film in Vietnam with GMR Marketing and uses his biography to tell that story. Meanwhile, his Backstory talks about his work as a Freelance Producer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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