She’s Got the [Visually Creative] Power: USC Student Jordan Caldwell

“Visuals play into my day-to-day life as I am preparing images and digital animations,” said Jordan Caldwell, a student at the University of Southern California.

In the spring, the work that she is doing now will be showcased in an installation about color and music at USC. Do you recognize Jordan from the most recent Students of the Week post where we featured USC?

She signed up for with a goal in mind: to increase her web presence in 2014. Jordan Caldwell 1

“I am always trying to create visuals as much as possible so people can get feel for my eye and my work before ever meeting me,” she said.

Jordan’s main web presence is her photoblog (you can see 3 of her photos just below), but she doesn’t “underestimate the power of Instagram” for establishing herself “visually online.”

“I think the way most of us judge a stranger’s personality online these days is by scrolling through their Instagram photos, whereas it used to be by going through their Facebook. So I’m very conscious of that.”

Car in Porto Grillz WomanInterested in learning more about Jordan and how she uses Read her answers below and gain insight on how she takes advantage of platform features.

What’s your favorite feature on the platform?

My favorite feature on the platform are the widgets. This way I can link out to other content I publish on the web via WordPress, Twitter, etc. all in one place. I also love the email signatures because as a college student applying to jobs and internships, it allows me to link to my online portfolio every time I email a potential recruiter.

How are you using on other digital mediums (email, WordPress widget, etc.)?

On my WordPress blog, I use the widget in the drop down section of my site so my visitors can get to know more about my professional interests without me putting my resume on my blog.

Advice for people making an profile?

Be yourself! Looking at other people’s profiles may make you feel like yours should look a certain way, but the more original the better. The profiles are super customizable, which is why I love about

Top 3 favorite pages

Jordan thought our own Paris Rouzati’s profile is “pretty sick,” and also picked Justin Chuan‘s for “his non-photograph background” and also Dave Eric Smith‘s because Jordan likes the way “he nicely showcases his work.”

Paris’s Director of Outreach, Paris Rouzati

Justin ChuanVisual Designer, Justin Chuan

Dave Eric SmithVoice Actor, Dave Eric Smith