She’s Got the [Visually Creative] Power: USC Student Jordan Caldwell

“Visuals play into my day-to-day life as I am preparing images and digital animations,” said Jordan Caldwell, a student at the University of Southern California.

In the spring, the work that she is doing now will be showcased in an installation about color and music at USC. Do you recognize Jordan from the most recent Students of the Week post where we featured USC?

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Samantha Romero

Students of the Week: University of Southern California

There are many student members of the community and they use their pages in all kinds of ways to show off their skills and personality. This week in our student post we’d like to highlight pages from an especially creative group, students at University of Southern California, more commonly know as USC.

Among today’s USC students you’ll find a range of interests and studies from a Ph.D student in Philosophy to a computer science sophomore already simultaneously working on his first startup. As you’re browsing all of their pages, don’t forget to check out the page of our header image, Samantha Romeo. A communications major, she’s already won awards for her journalism.

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