Traveling with Romania

As Diana Doroftei (below), author of The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom tells us, most people associate Romania with Dracula and perfect 10 gymnastic routines. But as the above video shows, there is so much more to this country that birthed the inventor of the fountain pen, insulin, and the modern jet engine. There’s the natural beauty of the county which is prized by many, including the Prince of Wales.

And let’s not forget the people. Have a look at nine we’ve chosen below and search “Romania” on to learn more about this marvelous country that we’re longing to visit in person!

Alexandra G. Meet Alexandra G., a civil engineering student, social entrepreneur and fashionista.

Antonio Eram Antonio Éram has the craziest commute we’ve ever heard of: Romania to California.

Silvia PintilleMeet Silvia Pintilie, interior design studio owner and Ph.D student.

Radu OdangiuA law student, Radu Odangiu is also a founding member of The Sustainable Diplomacy Project with Alexandra G.

Leyla-Denisa ObrejaWe were inspired by Leyla-Denisa Obreja dreams of winning the Nobel Peace Prize and doing some recreational space travel.

Alex GalanApart from being a lawyer, Alex Galan is a family man who is into cooking, photography, and literature.

Diana DorofteiMeet Diana Doroftei, author of The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom.

Alexandru HaidamacAlexandru Haidamac is a young creative who won gold at last year’s Cannes Lions creativity festival.

Raluca Maria G.Meet Raluca Maria G. an aspiring doctor and former model whose sister heads up this post.

Thanks again for coming along for our world-traveling adventure, stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, please tell us about it in our comment section.

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