Let’s Discover: Photographers to Follow

Photographers have the special gift of capturing a perfect moment in time.

From the love at a wedding, to an awe-inducing sunset, to making a snowy day look glamourous, these three photographers are inspiring us to look at our surroundings a little bit differently.

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Photographers: Staff Picks

At about.me, we love to get excited about photography.

Each week, our team sees hundreds of new pages pages created with beautiful photos. Your personal page gives you the opportunity to highlight your best photos. If you’re a photographer or artist, we recommend you add a link to your portfolio; if you’re an avid Instagrammer, add your Instagram profile.  Your page is a great place to showcase your best photo, or a photo that captures what you’re passionate about now.

Our Staff Picks this week are talented photographers who use their pages to point people to their photos.

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Photographers and Designers: Staff Picks

Photographers and designers are some of the most popular professions in our community.

At about.me, we love the opportunity to appreciate the work of new artists and professionals each week. We encourage you to search your own profession (whether it’s what you do currently, or what you dream of doing one day) and get inspired by the exceptional content shared in our community.

This week, we’re highlighting four of our favorite photographers and web designers who hail from around the world. 

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about.me iPhone Photographers

The Art of iPhone Photography

We love to celebrate our community and help you discover new and interesting people to connect with. Whether you’re looking to meet an entrepreneur, artist or marine biologist, all you have to do is take a quick trip to the “Discover” page.

Check out five about.me users who have a knack for iPhone photography.

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Social good, Design & Social Media: Staff Picks

This week’s Staff Picks were especially difficult to narrow down especially with creative people like Robert E. Smith (in our header photo) in the running.

A creative photographer, illustrator and writer, Robart as he dubs himself, has designed everything from postage stamps to billboards. Check out his page to see his designs in his Behance app and his Blogger app to see more of his photography skills. And don’t forget to send him a compliment!

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Photographers and Human Resources: Featured Friday

It’s Friday and we’re so pumped to have so many awesome people to feature on this Feature Friday or #FFaboutme post.

If you don’t see your page on this week’s #FFaboutme you can always try for next week by adding your about.me URL to your Twitter bio and tweeting at us @aboutdotme with the hashtag, #FFaboutme. In order to be eligible, also be sure to have to have a picture of you and your lovely face in your background photo!

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Design, Fashion and Photography: Staff Picks

If you’re in the U.S. it’s a long holiday weekend and hope everyone is enjoying it so far! We’re excited to reveal this week’s Staff Picks with their wonderful stories and focus on photography. It seems we’re just all about photography this week with our earlier post on photographers and today’s picks, who are often in front of a camera.

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In the arctic, space & underwater: Photographers

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying and as we zoom in on photographers on about.me, the phrase is especially apt. These photographers speak volumes with the stunning works that they often use as their background photos.

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