In the arctic, space & underwater: Photographers

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying and as we zoom in on photographers on, the phrase is especially apt. These photographers speak volumes with the stunning works that they often use as their background photos.

Some photographers, like Serena Xu Ning in our header photo, choose to reveal their own faces  with amazing photos and self portraits. Others like Samuel Luna show off with gorgeous photos that represent the type of photography they specialize in. Either way, these photographers stretch the use of their pages to the limit, wordlessly and captivatingly telling their stories through pictures on the page and in their apps.

So feast your eyes on these awesome shots and the people behind the lens.

Steve CartySteve Carty has photographed the likes of Roger Moore and Colin Firth, among many others. He’s known for his ability to use photography to capture personality.

Kristina CepulkovskajaA fashionista, graphic designer and self proclaimed crazy cat lady, Kristina Cepulkovskaja hails from Lithuania but now lives in Denmark.

Christopher advisor, Christopher Michel, is a founder, investor and formal naval officer who has been to space and serves as a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Françoise Rachez A Colombian in France, Françoise Rachez enjoys red wine, films and music.

Ken KamineskyKen Kaminesky is a cheese lover and travel photographer who has shot for  National Geographic and the New York Times, among various other publications.

Laura Lupascu An early starter, Laura Lupascu first began taking photos with her father’s old film camera at the age of seven.

Samuel LunaSamuel Luna resides in Mexico and specializes in underwater and wedding photography. Check out his apps for more of his works.

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