Backstory Elements: Resume

Since releasing Backstory just last week, we’ve seen an incredible amount of people add the feature to their pages. As you’re building out your Backstory, we want to share some great pages and tips to help you create one that attracts others to you.

In our header image we have filmmaker, rock climber and stuntman, Shane Borza whose Backstory section combined with his great page and compelling photo, really caught our attention. We love his entire Backstory but we specifically want to hone in on what we think is the best part, his resume.

Shane Borza resume

Let’s break down why his resume is so good.

Current Role and Work History

Shane keeps it short and sweet with his descriptions but still manages to capture the essence of his various roles in understandable terms.

Skills and Expertise

Nicely laid out in a list, Shane shares his 5 most important and compelling skills. Not to many, not too few.


With his education filled in, it’s easy to see Shane’s background in writing and literature which probably lead him to his role as a writer and film director.

Other sections

Shane also makes sure to fill in the other sections of his Backstory and entire page. He adds links to his IMDB page and current film project, apps and a quote about his passion. All of these elements combine to form a story of Shane’s journey as both a person and a professional.

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  1. I filled in the backstory info about 4 times yesterday; it kept defaulting to the sample backstory and I could not figure out how to save my info. This blog says it’s free, but I started wondering if I had to hit the upgrade button. The process did not work for me.

  2. Hi there, please send us a message through so we can help you troubleshoot. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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