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The Art of iPhone Photography

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Check out five about.me users who have a knack for iPhone photography.

Charmaine Tan’s Instagram feed is full of colorful visuals that will make you want to put together a photoshoot in your kitchen. As a producer and project manager based out of Singapore, she has a knack for making awesome playlists.

Teresa Franco’s macro photography will inspire you to look at the world a little closer. Calling San Diego, CA home, Teresa lives for the outdoors and has a little bit of an addiction to peanut butter.

After a quick peek at Phil Rosario’s Instagram, you’ll probably forget about your New Year’s resolution to cut back on the carbs. This University of Massachusetts at Amherst student is studying marketing and loves a good meal and a good sunset.

Elettra Panzarino is an Italian based freelanced engineer and photographer. With a background in architecture and interior design, it’s no wonder she shares her daily musings via Instagram.

As a social media extraordinaire, Oliver Bock looks to Instagram to share photos of his travels. Based in Hamburg,Germany, Oliver is an avid explorer and proud dad.

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  1. Charmaine Tan

    Hello! Thanks for the nice write up you guys! Anyway, I’m based in SG, not out of SG :p

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