Design, Fashion and Photography: Staff Picks

If you’re in the U.S. it’s a long holiday weekend and hope everyone is enjoying it so far! We’re excited to reveal this week’s Staff Picks with their wonderful stories and focus on photography. It seems we’re just all about photography this week with our earlier post on photographers and today’s picks, who are often in front of a camera.

Tanya Huang, in our header photo, is no exception.  She wasn’t always a fashion designer, however, she used to be a software engineer and proclaims her continuing love of all things geek. But I don’t want to give too much away, she has an amazing story about her struggle with alopecia and you should check out her page to read more and leave her a compliment!

Here are some other pages we love.

Alessandro Dallafina Alessandro Dallafina is a zen monk wannabe and UX/UI designer at 500px. As you can tell from his amazing picture, he’s passionate about photography.

Mildred Núñez Torres A designer and photographer, Mildred Núñez Torres uses her page to link to her fashion design blog, The Shop Window Dresser. Be sure to check it out!

Christopher RenzChristopher Renz works in advertising and media and is the founder of the brpr Group. Even if you’re not looking for PR help, be sure to check out their amazing website.

Happy weekend and remember to discover even more great pages on our Staff Picks page.

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