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This Monday we’d like to focus our attention on a group who we see and hear from often at, people who work in Real Estate. They have awesome pages that they use in especially creative ways to show off their fun personalities, fascinating interests, blogs, properties, videos and general social media and technology savvy.

A great example of this is adjunct professor for Biola University, communications specialist and realtor, Chase Andre, in our header photo. He uses his page to show off who he is and links all of his social media sites to his personal website by sending people to his page.

Check out these other great real estate professionals here:

Ashley SmithAshley Smith is a Canadian realtor with a passion for community planning and volunteering. She uses her page to link to her awesome new website!

Jonathan FlemingBorn and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jonathan Fleming has a vast knowledge of the region and keeps a blog with tips of hip places to live, videos and how to’s.

Kendyl YoungWe love how Kendyl Young uses the video embed feature to show off a video from her YouTube channel of tips and tricks for home buyers and owners.

Matt CollingeIn his spare time, Matt Collinge kayaks around the coast of British Colombia, runs on the Vancouver sea wall and hangs out with his family.

Liz Landry“I’m like mold. I grow on people.” is the headline this sock lover uses for her page. A business coach for realtors across the country, we enjoy Liz Landry‘s sense of humor.

Armando ArroyoAlso from the Bay Area, we love Armando Arroyo‘s photo and the fact that he uses his embedded video to talk about his skills and expertise in real estate.

Danielle LazierDanielle Lazier has lived all over from Tri State area to Texas to San Francisco where she now lives with her two pomeranians. She’s also an aspiring flâneuse.

Raj QsarRaj Qsar owns The Boutique Real Estate Group and is considered one of the top 100 most influential real estate leaders in the U.S. He’s a tech and social media enthusiast.

And since we couldn’t fit all our favorites, you can check out more awesome people in real estate here.