Backstory Elements: Quote or Objective

The quote is one of our favorite features on Backstory and we’re excited to see tons of great ones go up in that section in just a couple of weeks. However, if you’re job hunting, that space can be a great place to put your career or job objective. A few weeks ago we gave some tips on how to write a compelling career objective. Now, you can put those tips to good use for your Backstory.

Ben Lippert, in our header photo, is a great example of someone using the quote section perfectly for this exact purpose. Here’s his objective below.

Ben Lippert Objective

Let’s break this down a bit

“I’m currently seeking a marketing job in Chicago, IL.

His first sentence is concise yet gives vital information on what kind of job he wants and where exactly he’s looking.

“My expertise is search engine marketing, Google AdWords, social media and digital strategy.”

He lays out a few of his tops skills and background in marketing.

“Please let me know if you know of an opportunity”

Ben asks for people to reach out and it’s great placement for that since it comes right above the “Contact Me” button.

Other sections

Ben’s objective is a great introduction to his resume, which is fully filled out and has links to his professional projects and a map reminding people he’s looking in Chicago. But, he also has a full page with a nice background picture, bio photo, biography which shares a bit about him personally as well as professionally and personal links and apps.