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Shopping, Saving and Maintaining Sanity with Mommy Bloggers

There are a ton of awesome bloggers on, but have you checked out our mommy bloggers? Mom or not, their pages and blogs have lots to offer from money saving advice to funny videos and shopping tips.

Take a look at all their pages here and don’t forget to congratulate Amy Clark (our header photo) on her 10 year anniversary with

Kate Marsh LordApart from being The Shopping MamaKate Marsh Lord is a die hard Ohio State buckeyes fan. OH-IO!

Kat Bouska We loved the photo Kat Bouska selected for her page. It seems to embody the quirky name of her blog, Mama’s Losin’ It.

Carrie RochaCarrie Rocha started Pocket Your Dollars after pulling out of $50,000 in debt.

Kimberley BlaineCheck out The Go To Mom’s website to see Kimberly Blaine, interview Vice President Joe Biden.

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Ronald van der Aart

Authors on

As we’re getting into summer and you’re composing your summer book list, we wanted to provide you with some excellent reading material.  With so many authors on ranging in genre from horror novels to books on photography, we have no doubt you’ll find something to add to your list.

The authors shown here use their pages in unique and creative ways with some utilizing a spotlight to show where you can find their books while others add links to their works, audio books or embed videos previewing their novels.

Be sure to explore their pages below or others when you search author on, and don’t forget to check out our post header, Ronald van der Aart.

Karen WalrondMeet Karen Walrond, former engineer and attorney turned photographer & best-selling author.

Nick Bilton Meet Nick Bilton, columnist for the New York Times’ Bits Blog. With its intriguing title we can’t wait to get our hands on his book entitled “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal.”

Gloria Roheim McRaeMeet Gloria Roheim McRae a short-hair-rocking boss lady whose book has become a bestseller on

D.B. GradyMeet David Brown, better known by his pseudonym D.B. Grady.

Raquel CepedaMeet Raquel Cepeda, an author and filmmaker whose upcoming documentary sounds just as fascinating as her novel.

Jared Gulian Meet Jared Gulian, an American expat who lives on an olive farm in New Zealand and don’t forget to read his memoir on how he go there!

Britt Reints Meet Britt Reints, a happiness advocate who spent 10 months RVing around the U.S.

J Alexander GreenwoodMeet J. Alexander Greenwood, a public relations professional and speaker who has authored several mystery/thrillers, short stories and an ebook about Kickstarter!

S Nathan Meet the youngest of our authors, S. Nathan, whose short story called “The Hatter’s Wife” was so compelling it interrupted the writing of this post!

Scott SiglerLast (but not least!) meet thriller novelist Scott Sigler whose photo background makes us a little scared the he really is the future Dark Overlord.

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Randall Wiebe

Painters on

This past week, community member Laurie Bartolo suggested that we do a post on painters because there are many on and they often have beautiful pages. Because they have space to display their art, instead of just writing about it, our pages make it easy for those in the arts, and many other fields, to visually tell the story of who they are and what they do.

Take for example, Randall Wiebe, in our header photo. Not only does he have a background image of one of his paintings, but on his page he also shows off an embedded time-lapse video of him completing another painting. Then there’s Cacilda Espíndola‘s page where she uses apps like Behance to show off her online portfolio.  With countless ways to demonstrate their creativity, have a look at all of their pages to see more of their works and discover more about them.

Christyne Proulx Knox Martin Josefina Duende Sebastian Mortrivo Alexa Brooke Rutledge Richard Ahnert Calcilda Espindola Dson PereiraHave suggestions for other cool professions we can feature? Leave us a note about it in the comment section!

Omar Chatriwala

Journalists on

Last week, a journalist and community member, Oben Özaydın, made the great recommendation that we write a post on all the amazing journalists on That’s over 7,000 journalists!

We narrowed it down a bit (no easy feat) and finally selected these nine journalists here.  In our post header is Omar Chatriwala, co-founder of Doha News and previous contributor to Al Jazeera English. Be sure to have a look at his page and all the others below.

Sasha Horne Giacomo Luca Jennifer Schwanenberg Robert Hernandez Katie Hawkins-Gaar Cliff Cheney Nurulia Rahmi Fitri Klaus Bardenhagen

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Surfers on

In celebration of the upcoming summer months, we’d like to highlight the pages of some of our favorite surfers on While their interests are diverse and extend far beyond surfing, all of them here emphasized their passion for the sport with their amazing background photos.

In our post header we have studio manager and sometimes photographer, Stephen Saugestad of Canada. Coco Ho, featured just below, hails from Hawaii and comes from a family of surfing legends. Check out all of their pages to learn more about them.

Coco Ho Ayden Sims Sarah Lee Carlos Alonso-Goya De Lope

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Traveling with Malaysia

This week we’re traveling to the tropics to visit the country of Malaysia. Divided by the South China sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, the country is considered to be one of 17 megadiverse countries in the world due to its large numbers of endemic plant and animal species.

In our header we have the stunning photograph of Zatashah Idris whose page highlights her entrepreneurship and passion for style and travel. Just below is filmmaker James Lee whose film reel, embedded directly in his page, enthralled us.

James Lee Amber Chia Alan Soon Fiona Jitab Chin Je Mein Intan Nuraisyah Michael Yip Eva Eva

Thanks again for coming along for our world-traveling adventure, stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, tell us about it in our comment section.

Kevin Rose

Investors on is home to many different users but some of our biggest supporters early on were people in the tech community – we’re fortunate to have the support of so many amazing entrepreneurs and investors. A big part of what makes the tech community possible are investment funds like True Ventures, Google Ventures and SoftTech VC (to name a few of our favorites). Startup investing isn’t for the faint of heart – it requires an ability to envision how the world will be in spite of how people are doing things now (as an example, remember when we all carried maps….) and it’s having a sense of how a new product or service can positively impact people’s lives. The investors behind the funds, investors like Kevin Rose (our header image and investor in or Foundry Group’s Brad Feld, often take a back seat in the success of an early stage startup. So today, we’d like to highlight a few pages from leading tech investors. Be sure to check out all of their pages below.

Brad Feld Shruti Gandhi Jason Mendelson Stephanie Palmeri Bill Tai Marissa Campise Phil Black Jalak Jobanputra megsy!

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