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As we’re getting into summer and you’re composing your summer book list, we wanted to provide you with some excellent reading material.  With so many authors on ranging in genre from horror novels to books on photography, we have no doubt you’ll find something to add to your list.

The authors shown here use their pages in unique and creative ways with some utilizing a spotlight to show where you can find their books while others add links to their works, audio books or embed videos previewing their novels.

Be sure to explore their pages below or others when you search author on, and don’t forget to check out our post header, Ronald van der Aart.

Karen WalrondMeet Karen Walrond, former engineer and attorney turned photographer & best-selling author.

Nick Bilton Meet Nick Bilton, columnist for the New York Times’ Bits Blog. With its intriguing title we can’t wait to get our hands on his book entitled “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal.”

Gloria Roheim McRaeMeet Gloria Roheim McRae a short-hair-rocking boss lady whose book has become a bestseller on

D.B. GradyMeet David Brown, better known by his pseudonym D.B. Grady.

Raquel CepedaMeet Raquel Cepeda, an author and filmmaker whose upcoming documentary sounds just as fascinating as her novel.

Jared Gulian Meet Jared Gulian, an American expat who lives on an olive farm in New Zealand and don’t forget to read his memoir on how he go there!

Britt Reints Meet Britt Reints, a happiness advocate who spent 10 months RVing around the U.S.

J Alexander GreenwoodMeet J. Alexander Greenwood, a public relations professional and speaker who has authored several mystery/thrillers, short stories and an ebook about Kickstarter!

S Nathan Meet the youngest of our authors, S. Nathan, whose short story called “The Hatter’s Wife” was so compelling it interrupted the writing of this post!

Scott SiglerLast (but not least!) meet thriller novelist Scott Sigler whose photo background makes us a little scared the he really is the future Dark Overlord.

Have suggestions for other cool professions we can feature? Leave us a note about it in the comment section!

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