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Staff Picks

Hello everyone! It’s time once again for our Staff to pick their favorite pages of the week. Go ahead and take some time to look at all of the pages below to see how they use their pictures, apps and biographies to display who they are both personally and professionally, customizing their pages to fit their personalities.

As you check out all of this week’s picks, don’t forget to have a look at our header photo, Mimi Guarnero, a graphic design student who loves rainy days and doodling.

Jordan CayabyabSay hello to Jordan Cayabyab (it’s pronounced Kai + Ab + Yab) and he’s a connoisseur of vintage bikes

Audrey Richard-LaurentMeet Audrey Richard-Laurent, a self proclaimed creative ninja, we loved her photo with the Eiffel Tower  in the background.

Christian FallerFinally, meet Christian Faller, a traveler and entrepreneur who is probably still celebrating his country’s World Cup win yesterday.

Have a fantastic week and remember to discover even more great pages on our Staff Picks page.

Staff Picks

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