Randall Wiebe

Painters on about.me

This past week, about.me community member Laurie Bartolo suggested that we do a post on painters because there are many on about.me and they often have beautiful pages. Because they have space to display their art, instead of just writing about it, our pages make it easy for those in the arts, and many other fields, to visually tell the story of who they are and what they do.

Take for example, Randall Wiebe, in our header photo. Not only does he have a background image of one of his paintings, but on his page he also shows off an embedded time-lapse video of him completing another painting. Then there’s Cacilda Espíndola‘s page where she uses apps like Behance to show off her online portfolio.  With countless ways to demonstrate their creativity, have a look at all of their pages to see more of their works and discover more about them.

Christyne Proulx Knox Martin Josefina Duende Sebastian Mortrivo Alexa Brooke Rutledge Richard Ahnert Calcilda Espindola Dson PereiraHave suggestions for other cool professions we can feature? Leave us a note about it in the comment section!

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  1. I’m so excited you took my suggestion and featured these awesome painters! I love your picks for this post and think about.me is a great platform for artists in general because it’s so visual – perfect way to share an image of your work, your artist bio/statement and links to all of your social sites in one place.

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