3 Tips for Managing a Side Hustle + Full Time Job

When you think of millennials, do you think of “side hustles?” I sure do.

I find that the majority of my peers are involved in some sort of side gig to bring in extra cash or expand their skill set.

I’m no exception—I’ve worked on side hustles both while in school and while working full-time jobs.

Many people think that side hustles can do damage to your school or work performance due to their time requirements; however, if you manage your time effectively, only benefits result. While side hustling in college, I still managed to get on the dean’s list and, while building a business alongside my full-time job, I was recognized for multiple quarterly achievements.

Here are my 3 tips to managing your side hustle alongside a full time job:


While brainstorming ideas of what side hustle you want to pursue, ensure that the hours and time requirements are flexible.  You don’t want to do something that requires you to be somewhere during the day when you have school or work to focus on. Instead, think of a side hustle that can be worked on on your own time, like after work or on the weekends.

For example, one side hustle I am currently working on is a product called the Handy Pillow. The Handy Pillow literally turns your hand into a pillow so that you can sleep anywhere, anytime, making it a great alternative to a neck pillow. As this is a product business, my business partner, Seth King and I were able to keep our full-time jobs while working by night and during the weekend hours to launch the product (which is now available via Kickstarter!).


When I first started out side hustling, it was hard for me to understand when to say “no.”

If you’re in the middle of a big launch for something you’re working on at work, and your business partner wants to spend the day discussing marketing strategies, don’t be afraid to give them a flat-out “no.”

Whether it’s work or school, everyone experiences busy weeks and slow weeks. If it’s a slow week, dive into your side hustle.  If it’s a busy week, don’t be afraid to take a breather.


No matter what side hustle you pursue, you’re going to have to make sacrifices.

You might miss out on the occasional hiking trip or the season premier of “Better Call Saul”.  As such, make sure that your side hustle benefits you, not only financially, but also by enhancing your knowledge. You’ll be able to use that knowledge and experience to be more effective in both in your 9-5 and during the inevitable next side hustle you undertake.

Griffin Sinn is a serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple physical product businesses under his company, Checkmate Ventures. His most recent company, Handy Pillow, which he’s been working on for the past year with co-founder Seth King, was just launched via Kickstarter. Outside of Checkmate Ventures, Griffin loves to play tennis, travel, and to broker website businesses through another one of his companies, Apex Brokerage