One Artist’s Unique Way of Creating Noise Through Color

GREG MIKE’s art is a little bit twisted – but in the best way.

As a classically trained studio artist, Greg’s first real foray into the design world was in fashion. After founding a denim jeans line in college, Greg began putting his colorful designs on t-shirts. From there, Greg made a point to make his art his primary focus.

Greg’s colorful designs are a culmination of inspiration from all aspects of his life. Growing up loving skateboarding, Greg also names skate culture as having a big impact on his energetic and loud artistic works. Today, Greg’s work can be seen everywhere from music festivals like Outside Lands, to the Facebook offices.

Read on to learn more about this talented artist and what drew him into the world of street art.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is GREG MIKE and I am an visual artist and designer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  I grew up skateboarding which sparked my interest into the world of graffiti and later led to street art and gallery shows.  I am driven by all things creative and bringing ideas and concepts to reality.  Whether that’s a large wall in a place I’ve never been, or an art installation we design and fabricate for an event by my creative studio ABV.

What drew you to street art?

In my teens, I was addicted to graffiti.  This was way before the term “street art” term was around, before the “designer” spray paint movement and before it was as accepted as it is today.  It was only natural once I started to create more to the character based artwork I would be placed into the “street art” category.

How would you say that your work merges the worlds of fashion and street art culture?

While in college studying art I founded a denim jeans line with a few close friends. That lead to traveling the world sourcing and working in factories for months at a time.  I was handling all the art direction for the label and began developing my art on tee-shirts, which was the next natural progression. 7 years ago I decided to go full time and focus on my art.  I am still very intrigued with the fashion side of design but don’t have enough time currently to focus on it.

Do you think there’s a theme that covers all of your art? What is it?

My work is a bit twisted, positive and loud.  I like the idea of making visual noise through colors, linework and imagery. Larry Loudmouf is my character born years ago after a traumatic accident who I live vicariously through.  His sayings are the voice of the community mixed with my random thoughts and feelings.


What inspires you?

Traveling, Music, Nature, The Past, The Future, Friends and Family.  At times I feel like I am a constantly recording information into my “brain bank”.  I store things I like and ignore items I dislike. My subconscious creates a inspirational melting pot and the visualization of these thoughts are the work that is produced.

Who are some artists that inspire you? Please include any links to their

I am inspired by the artists that have paved the path before my time. Everyone from Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, 90’s graffiti movement in NYC + CT.

What are a few words that describe your artistic style?

Twisted, positive, loud, sinister, colorful, energetic.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve posted on Instagram?

Without my family and friends, I am nothing.

Zoë Björnson is a College Outreach Coordinator with She is a graduate of Tulane University. You can find her on Twitter @kzoeb.