One Artist’s Unique Way of Creating Noise Through Color

GREG MIKE’s art is a little bit twisted – but in the best way.

As a classically trained studio artist, Greg’s first real foray into the design world was in fashion. After founding a denim jeans line in college, Greg began putting his colorful designs on t-shirts. From there, Greg made a point to make his art his primary focus.

Greg’s colorful designs are a culmination of inspiration from all aspects of his life. Growing up loving skateboarding, Greg also names skate culture as having a big impact on his energetic and loud artistic works. Today, Greg’s work can be seen everywhere from music festivals like Outside Lands, to the Facebook offices.

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The Innovators: Staff Picks

This week’s Staff Picks are true innovators in their fields – bringing exciting content to the forefront and giving people a taste for what hasn’t been discovered yet.

Ranging from transformational speakers to creative directors, SEO marketers to biomedical engineers, this group covers some of the most pressing issues in society today.

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Illustrators, Sculptors, Painters: Artists

Artist is, of course, a very open title. Over 22,000 users have tagged themselves as artists but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of them who use their pages in particularly unique and interesting ways. They’re illustrators, sculptors, painters and everything in between and we had an amazing time exploring their pages. We hope it’s just as fun for you.

In our header we have Greg Mike, who lists himself as ARTIST / DESIGNER / MADMAN and works in a variety of mediums. His art is displayed in galleries across the U.S. and aside from seeing it in his background picture, you can check out more of his work on his beautiful website which he links to from his page.

Check out more of these artists we love.

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