Illustrators, Sculptors, Painters: Artists

Artist is, of course, a very open title. Over 22,000 users have tagged themselves as artists but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of them who use their pages in particularly unique and interesting ways. They’re illustrators, sculptors, painters and everything in between and we had an amazing time exploring their pages. We hope it’s just as fun for you.

In our header we have Greg Mike, who lists himself as ARTIST / DESIGNER / MADMAN and works in a variety of mediums. His art is displayed in galleries across the U.S. and aside from seeing it in his background picture, you can check out more of his work on his beautiful website which he links to from his page.

Check out more of these artists we love.

Takao MiuraBorn in Japan, Takao Miura, began doodling at the age of 24 on a trip to New Zealand. There he became interested in Maori tribal designs and hasn’t stopped “doodling” since.

Tony DiTerlizziTony DiTerlizzi is a best-selling author and award-winning illustrator of the Spiderwick Chronicles. See his WordPress app for more on his work!

Rachel RyleAn illustrator and animator of stop motion videos, Rachel Ryle‘s Instagram shows off her work and was voted by MTV and Buzzfeed to be the best Instagram account in 2013.

Rob SnowRob Snow is a creative illustrator and graphic designer with a fun bio, written in the form of a recipe and a short film of him, embedded in his page, that shows his artistic process.

Sienna MartzA soft sculptor and creator of wearable art, we loved reading Sienna Martz‘s awesome Backstory to see all that she’s worked on just this year. Check it out!

Sam ParrThough it’s not a self portrait, we love how Sam Parr added this piece as her background photo and a photo of herself in the bio. It’s a creative way to show off her work and herself.

Sergio GomezA visual artist, gallery owner, art and graphic design professor and so much more, we love how Sergio Gomez shows off his gallery and his work with the pictures on his page.

Mikela Prevost An editorial and children’s book illustrator, Mikela Provost is a people watcher who translates her moleskin notebook sketches of people into beautiful works of art.

Matthew ChildersMatthew Childers is a comic book artist and designer whose page incorporates his work in a very beautiful and natural way and has the perfect space for his bio box.

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