Move Over Job, Pursue Your Passion

Is passion a word you use to describe your job?

If yes, you’re like these three community members. Sienna Martz, pictured above, Marques Anderson, and Christine Hauer infuse high levels of passion into their work because they care about what they do. Their passion translates into highly specialized and impactful work, whether that’s in sculpture art for Sienna, Marques’s work as the founder of the World Education Foundation or Christine’s consulting and acting.

If passion isn’t necessarily something you associate with work, let these stories inspire you to move towards what you love.

Sienna Martz is a sculpture artist with a twist. Sienna designs art pieces that interact with the body, from hats to dresses to large installations. For Sienna, her work is her “outlet for self-expression and thought, a way to communicate without words.” Read more →

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No Ordinary Sculpture Artist: Sienna Martz

Entering into Sienna Martz’s home studio, you might find her working in the midst of bolts of silk, piles of wool, styrofoam, yarn, or even thousands of q-tips. Not exactly what you might expect to find in a sculpture artist’s studio. But this 24-year old is no ordinary sculpture artist.

Growing up with a composer and fine artist father and a mother working in fashion magazines, Sienna was imbued with a passion for art and interest in fashion at a young age.  The idea of creating things (paintings, sculptures, etc) was always just “second nature” to her and the thought of being a professional artist didn’t occur to her until later.

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Illustrators, Sculptors, Painters: Artists

Artist is, of course, a very open title. Over 22,000 users have tagged themselves as artists but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of them who use their pages in particularly unique and interesting ways. They’re illustrators, sculptors, painters and everything in between and we had an amazing time exploring their pages. We hope it’s just as fun for you.

In our header we have Greg Mike, who lists himself as ARTIST / DESIGNER / MADMAN and works in a variety of mediums. His art is displayed in galleries across the U.S. and aside from seeing it in his background picture, you can check out more of his work on his beautiful website which he links to from his page.

Check out more of these artists we love.

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