What It’s Really Like: I Fell in Love With My Last Choice School

The University of Georgia was my last choice.

Like, way at the bottom of the list. I had no desire to attend a university in the South. In fact, I really only applied to The University of Georgia to appease my parent’s wishes.

I wanted to head north.

The 17th-century brick buildings, tree-lined quads, and riding boots as far as the eye could see, attracted me to schools that rhymed with Drown and Carnard. Of the 12 or so colleges that I applied to, only two were in Georgia: The University Of and another not-to-be-named college that had such an easy application, my mother filled it out.

I envisioned myself going to a top liberal arts college or university, far away from my southern roots. I saw myself spending my spring break at my friend’s house on The Cape and texting with a Kennedy or two.

I did not see myself sweating from August-October, as I took English classes with kids who grew up on farms and spoke with romantic southern accents. I did not even fathom attending a football game with 92,746 fans screaming in my face.

But, I did.

Read on to hear about Madeline’s college experience.


Featured image by Noémie Marguerite.