Innovators in Health and Wellness: Staff Picks

Health and wellness are popular interests in our community. From psychologists to nutritionists, we see more and more wellness professionals joining every week. This week, we feature Tash Jeffries, Dr. Andrew Weil, Hanna L. Conroy and Dave Asprey, four innovators in their fields and masters in optimizing the human condition.

Tash Jeffries, whose photo heads off this post, is a health expert, speaker and instructor who empowers people to live in healthy, connected and vibrant ways. Tash is a top rated Udemy instructor and was named one of Huffington Post’s Top 50 Health Tweeters. Subscribe to Tash’s newsletter for health tips.


Dr. Andrew Weil is a physician, best-selling author and a leader in the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Weil has a holistic approach to medicine and believes in the power of healing mind, body and spirit. Dr. Weil includes a link to his Amazon profile on his page, featuring his books on health, happiness and emotional well-being.


Hanna L Conroy is a personality theorist based in Skara, Sweden. Hanna focuses on understanding and describing the internal processes that make us tick. She is passionate about optimizing systems and making them humane, specifically by encouraging human connection instead of alienation.

Entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey is the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee and an expert is helping people maximize their potentials. Dave used his own techniques to improve his IQ 20+ points, lose 100 pounds, and gain mental clarity that allowed him to excel in his career. Dave encourages people to check out his new book, The Bulletproof Diet, on his page.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.

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  1. That’s a great thing that people here on internet re heading towards human health optimization … at least something else that search engine optimization lol. Something far more powerful and valuable.

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