Gabrielle Salman Introduces campus

At, we believe in the potential of college students and the university experience.

For students, it’s not just about the quest for the diploma. It’s not just about getting a job. No, it’s about the journey to creating a life with meaning. A life that matters. A celebration of the relationships made, the lessons learned and those pivotal moments students will never forget.

We know that to define college students solely based on their resume, their latest status update or trending newspaper headlines is to ignore their potential and who they truly are.

Make no mistake about it, from day one on campus, college students have a powerful story to tell.

Today, is proud to introduce campus. We created campus to celebrate, empower and support college students with dedicated resources to help them excel on and off campus.

We are committed to helping college students share the story of who they are today, tomorrow and as they evolve in their careers.

Learn more about campus and visit our new site today.


Antonio Neves is the Director of’s campus. A nationally recognized college leadership speaker and award-winning journalist, Antonio is a proud graduate of Western Michigan University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.