Shayda Nematollahi

Guest Instagrammer: How One Graduate Student Lives A Colorful Life

Shayda Nematollahi is an artist in all aspects of her life.

From designing beautiful jewelry to crafting the perfect Instagram, Shayda never stops creating. Because of Shayda’s creative nature and colorful aesthetic, we’re excited to feature her as our guest Instagrammer of the week. She’ll be taking over our feed, sharing what a week in the life of Shayda looks like.

We interviewed this graduate student and future therapist to to learn more about creative inspiration, her story, and what’s next for the Atlanta native.Shayda Nematollahi

Tell us about yourself.

I have the desire to help others realize how life is truly what you make it. I believe every individual was born with a purpose and that with motivation and a positive mindset anyone can achieve anything they set out to accomplish. This desire to help others and to motivate others is what drives me to achieve my own personal and professional goals. Inspiring others to live to their full potential and finding ways to motivate people to achieve their dreams is my true passion in life.

In my free time I am an artist, making jewelry and painting. I like to stay inspired to fuel my creativity. I also write and blog, and in the past have been a contributing author for Sweet Lemon Mag.

At heart, I have always loved helping people feel beautiful, and makeup is my forte. I’m a certified makeup artist, and worked in the industry for 6 years. Success to me is loving what you do and doing what you love, all while looking fabulous.

Shayda Nematollahi

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

My favorite thing to photograph is sunsets. I never realized how much I loved sunsets until I moved to Miami. I am always mesmerized by how each sunset and its’ shades of color are different. As I watch them, it helps me slow down and appreciate earth’s natural painting.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and different blogs. The creative energy in the social media world is fascinating, because I get to see people turning their lives into a form of art.

How do you share your story through Instagram?

I share my daily life on Instagram; what I’m wearing, where I’m traveling, what I’m eating. I share things I’ve created or designed. My main goal is to live my life to the fullest, and share how I do that, in the hopes to inspire others to do the same!

Instagram is one way to brand yourself however you please and to define yourself. I believe my story is unfolding everyday. Sharing pictures & videos of the things, people and places that I have experienced is my way of creating a visual journal of my life and being a part of other people’s life stories.

Shayda Nematollahi

What’s unique about your story?

I believe my story is unique because I’m not your typical graduate student.  I have many hobbies and passions not related to my field of study. I truly believe in following your passions whether they are academic or just hobbies. What makes my story unique is that I’m living outside the box and doing all the things that make me happy.

Define how you live in 5 words

Fearlessly, artistically, compassionately, passionately, and fabulously.

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